Accepting Impact to Azure

This guide will help you to accept Impact app to Azure. Estimated time to complete registration: 10 min.

Good to know:

  • Goal is to only allows users to authenticate using customers (yours) Azure AD

  • All authentication requirements for example multi-factor authentication is configured in your (clients) AD settings. Its not configured in Impact.

  • You need to accept Impact Production and Release environments to your Azure tenant(s).

  • User permissions are configured in Impact and it is separate process to authentication

  • User creation is completely separate process to authentication

  • Impact is build and hosted in AWS, app is only registered to Azure.


  1. You need to be O365 Azure Global Admin

  2. Go to these URLs:

  3. Make sure “Consent on behalf of your organization is checked”

  4. Click Accept.


What data will Impact see?


App settings

  • Homepage URL:

  • Visible to users: Depends on customers wishes. Recommendation: Yes, if all employees are Impact users