Adding the course info afterwards

Adding the course info afterwards Elina

Please note! An event can be added into the system max seven (7) days after the event has been held. Events can be added later on too but only in exceptional cases.  For example: "I didn't remember to add it on time"  is not an exception in which the event would be added automatically.

For each event you need to fill its own form! For example: ID 1 = 1 form ja ID 2 = 1 form. Even though the course is EA1 just create a form for each separate day.

To fill in the form:

  1. Create an event for the days it has actually happened and save as preliminary. (
  2. After creating and sending in your event please go to and fill the form

The ID for the event created can be found from your "Events"-page


After filling in the form and sending it in please wait for an email confirmation for the fix. After the event has been fixed a confirmation email will be sent to "Raportoijan sähköposti"".

You can add the participant info beforehand too but to save the info just click "Save" instead of "Send"

If the event has been held already please import the participant information as soon as possible.

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