Creating e-learning codes and sending them

E-learning and codes.

Video below shows the main functions of 'e-learning' (note: the video is in Finnish only). Below the video you'll find the instructions in written form too.

In 'e-learning' you can create e-learning codes so that your customers can do these courses online.

Under 'e-learning' you can do the following:
Search for codes with the following criteria:

  • Course name
  • Code
  • Company
  • User

You can filter codes with the following criteria:

  • Course name
  • Status
  • Removed
  • Created
  • Registered
  • Used

By clicking "Add code" from the top right you can create new codes.

On the "Add code” page you can create codes as follows:

For 'details' fill in the following:

  1. Select training template
  2. How many codes?
  3. Company name
  4. Company ID = VAT ID or business ID (esim FI1234567 tai 1234567-8)

Fill in the following for "User details"

  1. First name
  2. Last name
  3. Email

 (First and last names are for internal use only. E-learning code will be sent automatically to the email address provided.)


If the training is at a reduced price, this should already be selected when creating the codes by checking the "special price" box. If you also want a physical card for the course, select the "Physical card" checkbox. Note! If more than one code is created, and only some of them have a reduced price / want a physical card, these codes must be created separately. For example, 10 codes, 4 of which want the card and 6 do not, must be created separately.


Note! In case an email address isn't provided you can manually send codes one by one when proceeding to the next step.

Notes - additional information for yourself (this won't be visible to users'

Click "Save" and the system will create your codes.

From  the right-hand bottom corner you can also import the user info via Excel.

"New e-learning codes” page shows you the new codes and to which addresses they were sent.
You can copy the code by just clicking it.
The copied code can then be sent to anyone.
By clicking ”Create more” you can create more codes”
"Back" button takes you back to the listing.

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