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How to access and use materials

How to access and use materials

You can access the materials through Competenceadmin.com from where you'll find the link to materials from the left-hand side menu. By clicking the link you'll access the material bank straight away and can start downloading the materials to your own computer/device. 

The downloaded file will be in .zip format so you'll need a program to unzip the files. Win10 operating system has this feature inbuilt but with older systems you'll need a separate program to unzip the files.

You'll find all the materials in Finnish, Swedish and English - make sure you download the correct one for your event. The downloaded files can be found from the Downloads -file of your computer, this may however vary depending on your device. If you're using Google Chrome as your browser you can also find the file(s) on the bottom left-hand corner of your browser window.

After downloading the files you need to unzip them for them to work properly. 

The date under the download-button tells the date in which the file was last updated. You can read more instruction for the materials through help (choose  'Apua'/'Help' from the menu)

Below you'll find the pictorial instructions for the materials:

  • To access the materials click the link on the menu
  • To download your file select 'Lataa' or 'Download' (depending on the language)
  • If you're using the preferred browser Google Chrome you'll find your downloads on the bottom left-hand corner of your browser
  • By clicking the  "^" on the right-hand side of the file you'll open a menu from which you can open up the location of downloaded file -the options are, depending on the language "näytä kansiossa" or "show in folder" 
  • After this you've opened the folder in which your download is. By clicking the file with the right button of your mouse you'll open up a menu from where you need to select "pura kaikki" / "extract all"
  • Now you should be able to see a view from which you can choose the file location for your unzipped files. By clicking "Selaa" / "Browse" you'll be able to choose the location your files will be unzipped to, and "pura" / "extract" unzips the files to the location/folder chosen.

After you've downloaded and unzipped the chosen file(s) you'll be able to use them normally as PDF / Powerpoint / JPG files. You can use the narrows to swift smoothly between pictures.

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