Combining Achievements with personal identity number

The personal ID is used to connect the user's Achievements to the user. It is very important that the training center enters the participants of the events using a personal identification number to identify the user.

The personal identity number is asked in the following steps:

when the provider starts the online training
when the secretary / trainer of the training center enters the data of the participants in the training event


If the personal identity number cannot be used

Alternatively, if the person does not have a  personal id number or cannot use it, the date of birth may be used instead of the that. In this case, the user's email must be the same as the one previously used by the user.


In brief

An ID is the only absolutely sure way to combine performance. Executions are always correctly combined with the user if a personal identity number has been used in the input phase.
If the date of birth has been used instead of the personal identity number in the input phase, then the e-mail and the date of birth must be the same as in the user's existing data in order for the performance to be combined with the existing user