Do this if the participant does not have an e-mail address

The guide advises what to do if the participant does not have an e-mail address

Do this if the participant does not have an e-mail address.


Option 1 : 

If your course has a person who does not have an existing email address, it is recommended that they create a email address, for example.
It takes about 10 minutes to create a address.

If you operate according to one (1) operating model, the participant will receive IDs in their own profile in the e-mail created, as well as possible course certificates in pdf and access to mycertificate. 


Option 2 :

If the participant does not want to create an e-mail, you can enter the e-mail in the following format:

First name: Esa
Surname: Example
Date of birth: 20.02.1975
Course holder: Harrin Ensiapu Oy

The participant must enter an e-mail in the form:

If you operate according to the option two (2) , the following things must be taken into account:

You must use this email template for all events in which that person is a participant. By doing this, all transactions are logged to the same person.
If you do not use the same e-mail for the participant in all transactions and the participant is not qualified for this reason, you are obliged to fill in the Plastic Card reorder form and pay for these orders according to the price list.
Participants will not receive PDF certificates sent by email.
The participant is not allowed to access their own profile or to see the mobile card in their own profile
If the participant wants to access his / her profile afterwards and see the mobile card in his / her profile:
- The participant must create an e-mail address and report it to The participant must also indicate which training partner's course and when he / she has participated.