Chemical risk assessment

This guide walks through how to make a chemical risk assessment for chemicals in Impact.

You can find chemical risk assessments in the Chemical register general page Risk assessment tab and chemical-specific risk assessments you can find on chemical own page in Assessment tab. 

On the risk assessment tab of the chemical register, you will see a line which shows the overall status of the company's chemical risk assessments. The line has been same color-coded as risk assessment status which displayed in the chemicals list. 

  • grey = no risk assessment 
  • green = at least n risk assessment valid 
  • red = risk assessment expired 

Chemical risk assessments are valid in Impact for two (2) years. After that, they have been carried out and automatically change risk assessment status to expired. 

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Description automatically generated


The list can be sorted by use, risk assessment sub-areas, editor or date of issue. Sorting is done by clicking on the desired filter. 

How to make a risk assessment 

Risk assessment for a chemical can be made from the chemical-specific view under the risk assessment tab. Below is a walkthrough of how to make a risk assessment. 

  1. Click on the + Add risk assessment button. 
  2. Add a name for the risk assessment. 
  3. Select the level where the chemical is in use for this risk assessment. 
  4. Select the state of form the chemical use. 
  5. Click on the options to select the possible exposure. 
  6. Add the number of employees exposed. 
  7. Add the conditions at the workplace. 
  8. Enter the use time and the amount of the use per year for the chemical. 
  9. Complete the required information for the Health, Environment and Fire and Explosion sections of the risk assessment. The hazard levels for these sub-areas are automatically entered in the Safety Data Sheet. 
  10. Add corrective actions and other comments, if applicable. 
  11. Finally, press Save to save the risk assessment to the chemical. 


Items marked with * are mandatory. They must be completed as a minimum before saving.  

The risk assessment can be edited afterwards by opening the desired risk assessment. Once a risk assessment has been made, you can edit everything except the chemical for which the risk assessment was made. From the edit mode you can also copy the risk assessment as a basis for a new risk assessment for the same chemical. 

You can also print the risk assessment from the editing view.