Chemical tags

The guide covers how to add & remove a tag for chemicals.

Tags can be added to chemicals to make them easier to manage. Tags are displayed in the chemical list and can be used to filter chemicals in a chemical search.

Tags can be set and edited from the Tags tab in Chemical view. The process of adding tags to a chemical you can see below. 

  1. Open the Tags page for the chemical you want to use. 
  2. Start typing tag in the text box.  
  3. If the tag has already been added to the organization once, it will be found in the drop-down menu that opens. 
  4. If the tag is new, enter the tag in full in the text box and click on the add Item from the drop-down menu or press the enter key to save the new tag to the identifier list. 
  5. Add all the tags you want in the same way. 
  6. Finally, press the Update tags button. 


Individual tags can be deleted from the chemical by clicking on the x in front of the tag. All tags can be deleted at once by clicking on the x at the end of the textbox. 

Tags can be edited via the Edit tags -button. All tags will then be displayed in a list and individual tags can be edited via the pencil icon.