Dynamic fields

This guide walks you through how to create dynamic fields in a tool

Dynamic fields can be used to build conditions in tools that display the fields. Therefore, you can select the additional data fields to display based on the entries made by either the reporter or the handler.


Adding a dynamic field

To add a dynamic field behind the "component visibility" button, follow these steps:
1. Press "component visibility"

2. in the "show component" section, select which field you want to display, ie which field is set the visibility rule.

3. select which component affects the component to be displayed (step 1) by selecting "if component".

3. Select the requirement that affects the component from "is".

  • depending on the selection of the "show component" and the "show component" field, a fourth field may also appear, "value"
  • The values of "on" depend on the "if component type" used:
    not empty
    bigger than
    greater than or equal to
    smaller than
    less than or equal to
    one of these
    none of these
  • The "Value" field displays the "if component" (drop-down menu / selection button) selection options.

    4. Click "Add rule" and then "Save rules"



You can also add a rule to a component directly by clicking component -> "add rule to component" -> and following the instructions above. Note that when done directly through a component, the rule automatically selects the selected component as "show component".


To edit / delete a dynamic field:

You can edit / delete the rule by clicking on "component visibility". The rules made are displayed on the right board of the screen.

Click on the desired rule to edit it /delete it if you wish.