Important information about the custom matrix

Consistency of risk assessments performed and modification of matrix structure

When your company assesses risks using the matrix component, there is a situation where you want to update the risk assessment matrix. In the past, for example, a 3x3 risk assessment matrix has been used, and now it is desired to start using a 5x5 matrix.
After such a change, it is good to internalize that the risks assessed with the 3x3 matrix are not comparable to the risks assessed with the 5x5 matrix.

Because of this, when you resize the matrix, you'll see the following warnings:
- This change will change the comparability of the data
- I understand that changing the size or name of the matrix causes that before
the data stored for the change cannot be compared to the data after the change
in analytics in the same graphs

If you look at the risk assessments of the entire company in analytics, for example, for many years and during the year the size of the matrix has changed, then each matrix of different size is drawn as its own graph.


Good to Know 

- In addition to resizing the matrix, also the name of the matrix component
changes in the comparability of the data at the same time
as a change in the size of the matrix.
- However, you can change the cells of the matrix and their descriptions (as long as the matrix
size does not change).
* Please note that if you make changes to the description texts, e.g.
description “Low” -> “Really Low” so this affects the user
way of assessing risks.
* Changing the matrix only affects what is done after the change
risk assessments.

Three-step risk assessment

If your company has a three-step risk assessment, then create the matrix components as described below. Created in this way, the risk assessment matrix graphs in the analytics are plotted in the correct order, from left to right. Risk -> Estimated residual risk -> Actual residual risk

Older risk assessment components

Older risk assessment components “Matrix” and “Matrix  multiply”
can still be used in existing risk assessment bases. Only the “Customizable Matrix” component is available for new templates, and old risk assessment components can no longer be added to new templates