This is how you enable Accident Frequency reporting

Instructions for using the accident reporting process

Create a Cost Center hierarchy

The Administrator creates the Cost Center hierarchy on the Administrator / Organization page in Admin panel. Creating a cost center hierarchy is not mandatory, but it provides better opportunities to statistics on accidents.

Create an accident report template

An accident report template is created like any other form-type tool. You do not have to add any fields to the form, but you should add the User and Cost Center components to the Accident Reporting template. These fields allow the reporter to tell who was injured and what was the injured person's Cost Center. This allows for better statistics in analytics.

Check the visibility of personal information

The Visibility of the Field in the tool can be Private or Public. The administrator decides the visibility of the fields. The user component is private by default and all other fields are public by default. The administrator can make any field private. Private fields never show up in analytics. Information in private fields can be viewed on the Documents or Actions page. When Private fields are viewed it is logged. The following people can view the information in the private fields:

• The destination administrator

• Notifier

Report the working hours

Administrators can report working hours to cost centers on the Hourly Reporting tab. An administrator can report hours to any cost center in your account. All account administrators will see the Hourly Reporting page if the Hourly Reporting module is enabled in the account.

Working hours can be reported in three standard categories

• Own employees: production (hours)

• Own employees: office (hours)

• Contractors (hours)

If the company does not distinguish between, for example, production and office worker hours, all hours can be reported, for example, under production. If the hours are reported in detail, in the statistics of the analytics one can look at the accident frequency according to different groups of employees. If there are more cost centers below the cost center, the hours are reported at the lowest possible cost center.

If you want the Hourly Reporting page to be hidden from administrators, please email


Report accidents

The supervisor reports the accidents of his subordinates, the supervisor creates the accident document and thus gets the right to view the private data of the document. The supervisor, ie the person filling in the accident form, needs the Tools right. The supervisor reports the accident while logged in to the system.

Contractors can also report their accidents via the link, in which case the damaged personal data will only be visible to the site's administrators.

Existing customers will have a ready-made accident reporting template available by sending a message to, for new customers the template will be added during implementation. If you are already reporting accidents you can utilize the current form in the future and add additional User and Cost Center components if needed.

Accident frequency and analytics

Filter the templates you want on the Accidents tab of Analytics that you have used to report accidents. If you wish, you can also include safety observations in the figures, for example, and see how the numbers of safety observations and accidents compare with each other.

You can see the analytics on the Accident tab

• The number of accidents that occur over time

• Accident frequency per million working hours

• Number of accidents by category