User permission

In this video we will go trough how to add, modify and remove users permission. Also what those permissions means.

Add user and manage permissions


What does those permission mean?

  • Tools

    can use tools on the level,for example fill in the checklist for the level you grant the rights to
  • Actions
    Automatically receives information about all documents created in the level.
    can handle all the tasks in an item, regardless of the list / tool from which they were created
  • Documents
    can see the documents for the level on the Documents page
    This right is also required to update the site's existing Risk Assessment documents
  • Chemicals
    View chemical information (Safety Data Sheets, Quick Start Guides, Labels, Risk Assessments)
  • Contractor
    Can be responsible for tasks
    Only receive information about your own tasks by e-mail
    can See and can handle / close their own tasks on the Task page
    The task acknowledged by the contractor must still be confirmed as confirmed by the company's own responsible person before the task leaves the list of open tasks.
  • Training
    A person's training information can be managed on the Training Register page
    The person's training information is displayed on the selected level
  • Admin
    can modify the organizational structure of the item
    can add users to their destinations
    Allows users to modify user rights
    May create new tools (unless the organization is locked by an administrator)
    You can create new links
    You can create new trainings
    Allows you to edit people's training information
    create new contractor companies
    You can add chemicals to their targets, as well as modify the chemical's risk assessment
Chemicals manager 

  • Accesses the Chemicals page and can view all the information there
  • Sees the "New Chemical" button and can use it
  • On the Usage tab, you can add / remove chemicals to the levels you are entitled to
  • Can edit usage (add description, stock quantities, annual usage)
  • The Risk Assessment tab allows you to edit the risk assessment
  • The Tags tab allows you to edit tags

Please note that "chemical manager" does not allow access to the admin panel