This is how you complete an online course!

This is how you complete an online course! In the instructions below we go through how to complete an online course. Ella

After you have received an online training code to your email follow the instructions below:

  1. Click link on email..
  2. Enter the received training code to the box on the website and press start.
  3. Enter following information to be able to complete the course:
    - Firstname
    - Lastname
    - Email
    - Identity number
    It is possible that you will be asked your home address for the physical card to be mailed at. Enter your address details to the fields reserved to them. If your address details are unclear the card will not be sent.
  4. Complete the course completely.
  5. After completing the course you will receive an confirmation email regarding it.
  6. You will gain access to your mobile card from the site

If your performance has included you will receive an plastic card in three weeks by the mail. You can check if the plastic card is included from the organisation who sent your online training code or by email

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