This is how you create and implement combined learning

This article reviews how to implement a combination training.

Combined course

You have the option of keeping the courses as a combination of courses.

In the combination course, the participant first attends the first part of the course as an online training and then participates in the next day of the combination within six (6) months of completing the online training. Please note that both parts of the combined course (nearday & online) must go through the same organization.

1. When creating a training, select the base of that training with the training template name ending with 

yhdistelmäkoulutuksen lähikoulutus
- combination course
- kombinationsutbildning praktisk övning

Follow these steps to create a combination course event for the near day:

Once you have created an event on you will need to generate online training codes for participants.


It should be noted that participants in the online training and the near day will use the same e-mail address and information (Name and date / date of birth)