Known issues

This article contains all the known issues affecting users currently, that are under investigation.

See resolved issues here


List last updated 8.11.2022


  • Please note that new version of mobile app is 6.3.2

  • After last production update [31.10.2022] found bugs,
    • Some of tool are not visible in web/app/QR-codes. Issue is now fixed
    • Responsible person information not visible in Task page. Issue is now fixed
    • Dynamic lists wont work in WEB/App. Issue is now fixed
    • Empty documents was created from APP. Issue is now fixed, app is available in PLAY store and Appstore from Google and Apple. 
    • Where empty documents was created from tools. Issue is now fixed. Empty documents cannot be restored. Bug is fixed and upcoming documents are not empty. Please also clear the browser cache.
    • Small visually bugs (in Documents letters Ä and Ö are shown wrong). Issue is now fixed.
    • Task processing phase is empty. Issue is now fixed
    • Finishing training gives error. Issue is now fixed