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What is Oma Profiili about?

Oma profiili is a service from which the participant will be able to view their own courses and competences. With Oma Profiili there's no need to remember the validity of ones competences by heart or to fear losing ones plastic card - all this information will always be available via Oma Profiili.

How can one access their own profile?

After completing a First Aid- or an Emergency First Aid course the participant will be sent an email invitation to their profile. By clicking the link sent to them via email and by setting up their password one will be able to access the site. Password needs to be set only when using the profile for the first time. After setting up the password one will be able to log in. 

What can one see in their profile?

User will be able to see all their competences they've completed after 1.1.2020. Both online and classroom courses and competences will be visible. In case only the online part of a combination course is completed only that will be visible. To have a mobile card visible one need to have completed both the online and the classroom part of the combination course

How can one have help with their profile?

Technical help and support is provided via email at tuki@patevyys.fi. The user can also seek help from the organisation who provided the course.

When can one access their profile?

The Oma Profiili -site has been in use since 1.4.2020.

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