Custom Matrix

The guide walks you through using the custom matrix in the tool editor

Here's how to add a customizable matrix to your tool:

  1. Go to the tool editor Administrator -> Tools
  2. If you are making a new tool, select "New Tool +"
  3. If you are adding a matrix to an existing tool, find the desired tool in the list and click on it
  4. Under "Available Components", drag the "Customizable Matrix initial" component to the desired location in the tool.
  5. You can also then add the custom matrix - compare component to the tool 


How to  edit an customizable matrix:

  1. After adding the custom matrix component, you can edit it by clicking on the component
  2. after clicking on the component, the component edit view opens
  3. you can add rows and columns by pressing the "+" sign
  4. To delete a row / column, press the red delete character
  5. You can edit the header text by clicking the text
  6. You can change the cell text, numeric value, and color by clicking the desired cell. You can also add a description of the risk to support the person who uses the tool (for example, number 1: less than once every five years).

  7. In the color menu, by clicking on the color icon next to "color", you can also freely select the desired color


Custom matrix -compare


  1. After adding the Custom Matrix component, you can also add the "CustomMatrix Compare" component.
  2. After adding the "Custom Matrix-Compare" component to the desired location in the tool, it should be linked
  3. Click on the "Custom Matrix-Compare" component
  4. Select the matrix to which the component is linked by clicking on "linked component" and select the desired matrix
  5. Press Save 

In particular, the Custom Matrix - Compare component has been built into the Impact to facilitate the assessment of residual risks. This component makes it possible to utilize a Custom Matrix as basic data. Thus, the Matrix - Compare component that you want to edit copies an already created matrix and does not need to be rebuilt. Likewise, any future modifications to the matrix will only need to be done on one matrix, which will facilitate the administrative work. Customizable Matrix -  Compare component also acts as a link between the matrices in Analytics, allowing you to easily compare, for example, the original risk level to the residual risk level.
Note that the Custom Matrix - Compare component can only be added to the tool template when there is at least one Customizable Matrix - initial component in the bottom.