How to build tools?

The instructions below review the general settings, features of the tools and how to build them.

Basic functions

When creating a tool, several settings can be made for the tool:

Private / Public: Specifies whether the tool is visible to everyone

Checklist  is a list of items to be inspected, for example 5S inspections, Elmeri + and other similar inspections concerning the work site or work equipment.

Updatable checklist differs from the normal checklist only in its updatable feature.

The checklist can be continued even if it has been sent once. This is how it creates versions of the documents page.

Form is a template used, for example, in surveys or other similar announcements / queries. The form can also be filled in via a link.

Protected only account owners can edit the tool if it is locked

Always Action (Form only) Always forms a task from a completed form

Enable feedback (Form only) If the setting is switched on, feedback can be sent to the person filling in the form during the processing phase (if the logged-in user has filled it in / an e-mail has been entered during the filling phase)

How to build Checklist and Updatable Checklist

How to build Form type tool.