The instructions cover the functions of the various components


Title: Adds a subheading to the tool 

Radio: Predefined answer options, for example "yes / no". Colors can be set for the button, ie Red for no and green for yes. 

Dropdown: Add a dropdown style menu where you can set the Predefined selections

Text: Adds an open text field

Number:  Adds an open number field

Text with dropdown: Only works in Checklist & Updateable Checklist tools. Shortcuts are assigned when building the tool from the "shortcut" button on the right side of the "group" section. Also has an open text field. 

Date: Add date information (you can select "today" by default and format date / date & time)

Action deadline: Specifies a deadline for the task

Responsible: Determines to whom the resulting task is held accountable

Photo: Allows you to upload an image when the tool is filled

Counter: The counter can be used to select the X number with the +/- buttons

Checkbox: Sets a predefined button to which color / positive / negative can be specified. For example, "deviation - Negative", in which case the button reads "deviation" and when pressed it turns red

Info text: Static text that cannot be changed when filling the tool. You can also set a web link that appears to the person who is filling the tool.

Cost center: Dropdown menu from which you can select company cost centers

Matrix: Risk assessment

Matrix (multiply): Risk assessment with a multiplier

File: Files can be added to the tool during the filling phase, supported formats can be found in the help article : 

User: One can choose which user has been in question, one can also add a new user through the component during the fill phase

Location: Allows you to use the location service when using the tool (Gps)